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Welcome to the NEW format of Fink.

This free weekly note will keep you updated on what we’ve been thinking about, what we’ve been investing and and what is KEY to know for the upcoming week, as well as charts and other stuff we reckon you’d like to know!

But firstly…

The funniest thing happened last week.

A Saudi family literally just decided to keep buying shares of a company until they owned a majority holding, then turned round and said ‘hehe, we own you now.’

Children’s Place (PLCE) makes kid’s apparel and has 500 stores across the US and swung to an operating loss in Feb.

Mithaq Capital, the Al-Rajhi family's investment firm, crossed into majority ownership of The Children's Place this week through open-market stock purchases, triggering a change-of-control provision in the company's prior $50 million debt package that required it to be refinanced.

Usually you’d see this done via a tender offer or something similar, but no, they just kept buying at the VWAP (volume weighted average price) probably (in broking, you say to your clients you have a special algo to execute but really all you’re doing is buying at the VWAP — shhhh don’t tell anyone).

What did we chat about in the last 7 days?

We had a stock pick with a price target of 140% (it finished 25% up from when we released the article though), Japan’s big problem, an email sent to Morgan Stanley about a mistake they made on Nvidia (naughty) and stocks better than US tech right now.

Oh… and we’ve lowered the price of our premium articles to £6.99 a month because we want to compete with the giant that is Finimize and crush all competition that exists with zero reduction in quality — but if you’re free, you’ll only hear from us once per week, sigh.

Big task. But we’re up to it.

Big news to share on that front of expansion and making things even better very soon.

The most important thing(s) this week

…will be the Japanese inflation number tonight…

And then the US personal consumption expenditure number on Wednesday.

Why are these important?

We could see a divergence between the two numbers meaning a trading opportunity is upon us.

For example, if the Japanese number comes in below expected while the US number beats, you’re probably going to see USDJPY move even higher as interest rate hike pressure increases for the US but decreases for Japan as inflation head in opposite directions!

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What’s the most important chart to start the week?

The below from JPM stood out to us.

A blip of a trend that is valid?

We reckon slightly the latter but it is very much region specific (i.e the US is doing A-OK so less affected).

There are caveats though, namely to do with South Korean export growth being up ~20% on the year…

Why does this matter?

We’ll discuss that later this week - join us.