Buy everything

+ why banks are doomers too

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Scary week for markets last week as prices decreased ever so slightly /s.

Seriously though, it did feel doomy last week…

Almost like the world was ending…

I do see this week being better though…

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It’s entitled ‘buy everything’, just to give you a gist…

The most important thing this week


Yep, this week we have Tesla reporting earnings tomorrow, META on Wednesday, Google on Thursday (does anyone ACTUALLY call them Alphabet?) and the big boy, Microsoft on Friday.

These make up about 30-40% of the SP500’s overall movement depending on the model you use, so they’re, to put it mildly, important.

My main focus here is really Microsoft though, the reason being is the behemoth is currently sitting right at the 100 daily moving average, and below might lead to trend followers dumping their positions.

Hopefully we have a buy the rumour buy the fact trade into Friday, with no squaring off of positions into the weekend so we can have another nice green weekender for our crypto holdings!

The rest matter too, but focusing too heavily on too many companies is a recipe for disaster.

Pick a scenario and focus on that (in this case, let’s see some nice earnings beats for MSFT).

An earnings per share of $2.90 vs expectations of $2.82 would be beautiful.

What chart caught our eye?

Bank of America has described the below chart as ‘ominous’.

But let us give you a lesson in something…

This might sound ominous to the untrained, but it’s not really.

What it’s showing is a high yield bond ETF, HYG.

The problem here is that this is just a chart that is inverse to interest rates.

For a true picture of the high yield market, you look at its much smarter sister, HYGH, where interest rates are hedged!

And voila!

A much prettier picture.

Funny how banks can be doomers too!

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