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How to find the hottest stocks (easily)

Use these simple filters

You want help finding the stocks that are likely the best to keep an eye on, right?

So let me help.

Here’s how to use the TradingView screener to find stocks to keep an eye on since they could be on mega breakouts.

There’s a few simple filters to use, and I’ll explain the logic behind using them…

I want you to choose the above settings.

We want large US stocks, so select the US with stocks with a minimum market cap of 2B.

We also want stocks that are profitable, so set the price to earnings ratio at greater than 0.

Next, we want stocks with momentum… but not too much.

So add in filters where the current price is above the 20 and 50 daily moving averages, but BELOW the 200 daily moving average.

And finally, choose primary listing, since we do not want to be dealing with foreign companies listed on the NYSE/NASDAQ.

The logic behind this is that we are looking out for profitable large companies who have seen a change in trend recently (identified by the 50 and 20 daily moving averages being below price) but have not quite yet achieved their strong breakout above the 200 daily moving average.

You’re then hit with a lovely 86 stocks which look like they could be up and coming!

There is of course more to then further filtering which stocks to select and I do this for you in the paid research, but this is a strong foundation to start from to creating a systematic process to stock picking!

If this all sounds like complete nonsense to you, it doesn’t have to…

So I’d suggest becoming a Fink VIP where you can truly get to grips with all this in the community.

But at the minimum, you should join our paid research, which is £6.99 per month and is benefitting people like Joe below…

PS. you can also get both the paid research and the VIP upgrade as a one time payment by clicking here, but only until the end of this week, so don’t tell too many about this link 🧠