Free investing strategy

How to profit?


Here’s a super simple investing strategy that a monkey could use to get into and out of a market.

It relies on a longer term view, but this is probably the best way to invest anyway.

Now I'm going to give you the basic framework because the rest of what you need to know is contained in the eBook, which you can get by subscribing to Fink Pro.

But hang on, some story.

When I worked as a broker, I noticed a huge gap in the quality of investing information available to everyday people compared to big institutional investors. It felt unfair that the City had access to deeper insights, while regular folks were left confused and overwhelmed.

I started Fink to democratise investing research which has also morphed into education now.

My goal is to explain complex topics in simple terms so that anyone - from beginners to seasoned pros - can understand.

Since then I've been on CNBC, GB News, TRT World, Business Leader and a load more outlets providing views on markets & the economy, as well as leading UK growth of the largest FinTech platform in the world, TradingView!

We take an 'osmosis approach' using videos, articles, and other media to gradually build your investing IQ over time.

The concepts seep in bit-by-bit so you retain more and feel less intimidated.

After a year with us, you'll be shocked by how much you've absorbed and how confident you feel making investing decisions.

I want to empower you, not keep you dependent on us forever.

Now when I was on that desk, you know what else I noticed?

Most of the buying and selling was pretty simple stuff.

‘Buy 10000 shares at the session’s Volume Weighted Average Price (the price at which most volume is going through at, so you get the cheapest entries).’


The stock is trading above the 200 daily moving average and the sector has momentum.

How are you exiting?

If it goes below the 50 daily moving average.

For example…

There was a little more than that which is contained in the eBook below, but this was the framework — KEEP IT SIMPLE.

The fact of the matter is a lot of the strategies were simply trend following and this is probably something that you should follow as well.

If you subscribe now, I've got a 26 page eBook for you which will go through all the rules that you need to invest successfully and miss the pitfalls that most retail investors face in the first one to 3 years — they are mistakes I once made so you don’t have to.

Also you subscribe to the annual RIGHT NOW you'll get an hour with me on the phone AND I’ll upgrade you to lifetime.

The biggest risk here is that you end up NOT getting this info and being led down the garden path by a guy with a fake Rolex (Panerais are better btw) and those silly Gucci slippers with the fur.

Join now.

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