Have you tried explaining DeFi to normies?

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Well, I mean that is what central banks would probably like at this stage.

For the first time in, like, forever, oil is trading below all the moving averages.


I like to use this as a bit of a measure for momentum and will be going into this more with premium subscribers this week.

But for those of you who aren’t subscribed, I’d keep thinking about this as we enter into the summer months, especially with the fact the Fed has pivoted to rate cuts in the back end of this year.

But my second thought it, have you ever tried to get someone brand new to crypto to open a wallet, do a swap and understand what the hell is going on?

I tried to explain it to someone at the gym and they looked at me like I was a nuclear scientist telling them that fission was the easiest process to explain ever.

I mean, it is easy once you’ve done it, but at first glance it’s really not that easy to get.

1) Get a Phantom Wallet.

2) Buy Solana, but via Coinbase Advanced and send to your Solana wallet address because Phantom’s fees are insane (ironic). Make sure you have checked it’s the right address for the 9ther time and still have palpitations before you hit send.

3) Find the contract address. No not the pair address. No not that hash either. FFS let me just send it to you instead.

4) Alright now, in your Phantom Wallet, type in Jupiter.ag into the browser. Then reconnect the wallet that you’re already in to Jupiter.ag.

5) Now click your Solana holdings, then on the counter asset, insert the copied contract address. No FFS don’t buy 20 SOL worth, the market cap is $8k. Calm down.

6) Click swap. Oh hang on it failed. You need to change your slippage from 0.3% to 10%. Don’t worry about what slipp- I said don’t worry I’m not getting into it right now.

7) OK you’ve bought som— oh, rugged.

No but seriously, it’s a funny process instructing someone on going through it.

Try it some time.

What’s key this week?

Not a lot has really happened this week.

I mean, we had Kashkari come out and say this…

Which sort of led to the market being down right now…

But he’s wrong about so much, whenever we see exhaustion now it’s probably time to buy.

ES (SP500 futures) now at the 20 daily moving average?

Might want some 👀👀

What chart got me thinking this week?

McDonalds, one of my favourite stocks, is getting battered.

But a Discord member posted this which I thought was funny.

The Golden Arches of bearishness.

Nah, they’ll be back.

With stocks like McDonalds, unless everyone hops on Ozempic, there is zero reason to think it’s doomed…

PS. Those of you in crypto, we have a seriously thriving community in the Discord.

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