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The TWO biggest problems with the UK right now

Here are my top TWO concerns for the UK economy over the next 6-12 months.

These are issues unspoken about…

Mainly because people don’t understand them.


What’s important this week?

Everyone is talking about a dispersion trade and how it’s going to kill the market.

Will it?

Probably not.

I’d say a fast breakdown in economic data is the real driver of the market killer with a resultant non-quick action to provide QE again.

Dunno if that makes sense, but I’m typing as I’d speak here.

Basically, lots of smart people add lots of factors to things when really what we should be concerned about is how fast the Fed might act if economic data really turns bad AND or whether they can guide the market to its safe space.

Remember, the market always moves on how far away surprise is from the current conditions!

What’s the best chart this week?

The pain for the BoE.

Services inflation is still hot.

The market actually pared interest rate cut pricing off this.